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Meal planning day is tomorrow and that means I will be scouring my favorite savvy websites for the best deals at the grocery store. These websites are so important to my meal planning because without them I would have to work much harder and longer to save. So, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites. These are the top 3 websites I use to find what’s on sale, coupon match-ups, and tons of other deals. If you are just getting in to couponing or are thinking about creating weekly meal plans, these sites can really help you out. They help me every week!

(The sites are in alphabetical order. I’m trying to keep things fair y’all.)

This is your go-to website for deals at Publix. I used this website in college and I was able to buy what I needed on a teeny budget.

  1. The site includes all the sales and coupons that are available at Publix. This includes:
  • Weekly Ads: This is where most of your savings will come from. Look through all the sale items and write down those you need or use most.
  • Advantage Flyer: These are Publix store coupons that can be used with coupons that come in the Sunday paper. Stack store coupons with manufacturer coupons on sale items to score great deals!
  • Greenwise ad: These are usually coupons for organic/specialty products or produce.
  • You should be able to find all three ads in a stand right when you walk in the door. If they aren’t there just ask customer service!

2.  You can create your own shopping list.

  • Look under the My Shopping List Tab. What makes it really awesome is you can add up how much it will cost pre and post coupons! This will help you stay on budget and know how much you are spending before walking in to the store.

3. The website also has a tab for printable coupons.

  • You can get tons more coupons online and just print them out! Usually online coupons offer a bigger variety and they are free! Just be sure your printer has ink!

This site is like Wal-mart — it’s a one-stop shop for coupons, deals, and money-saving recipes!

1. Check out the Stock Up tab.

  • This is an extensive list of how much you should pay for items at the grocery store. I really like this list because it’s all on one page and includes many staple items. Note: These are the best prices you can expect to pay, but if you find a good deal and it’s a few cents more I would go ahead and get it.

2. It has a Coupon Database!

  • Say you need an item that is not on sale. Go to the Coupon Database tab. You can type in an item ( I searched yogurt) and it will find all the coupons that correlate with that item.

3. No time to think of meals to cook? 

  • Click on Meal Deals under the Recipes tab. She puts up a weekly menu that is affordable. If the ingredients are on sale that week she will usually include coupon match-ups for them! How great is that?

4. She saves to give

  • One noteworthy aspect of this website is Passionate Giving. The woman who runs this site uses a small portion of her budget each week to help others. Her money goes a longer way with coupons!

This is the site I use to save at the grocery store and at the drugstore. Her sale and coupon match-ups help me save 60% off my grocery bill!

1. Great for beginners

  • She has an online tutorial for couponing at grocery stores and at drugstores! It’s important to know the stores’ coupon policies before you go in.

2. Sales and coupon match-ups for tons of stores!

  •  This website has coupon matchups for almost every grocery store (including Target) and drugstores. She also includes deals for retail stores, online shopping, and many more things on the home page. (She puts little acorns next to items that are really really good deals.)

3. Sales Search feature

  • The sales search feature allows you to look for an item you need (ex: toilet tissue) and the site will find where that item is on sale and if there are any coupons to go with it. This really helps when you need just that one thing!

4. How much should I pay?

  • When I started couponing one of the hardest things to figure out was how much I should spend on a specific item. Routinely, this website will highlight an item (we will use the toilet paper example again) and tell you how much you should be paying per roll. This is extremely helpful and keeps you from spending more money than you have to. This tool really helps to save on staple items.


I hope these websites help you out with saving as much as they help me. I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t take the time to find all the great deals!

Searching for Savings,

The Southern Bee