Going Bananas

I hate to see food go to waste. It may be one of my biggest pet peeves. Yet, I do it all the time and it drives me bananas! So, this year I am trying to keep food out of the can by finding new uses for it when it may be a bit uhhh…extra ripe. One of the foods I waste the most are bananas (now you realize I made a terribly corny joke earlier). They seem to develop bruises and dark freckles on the way home from the store! Here are a few ways to turn overdue bananas into tasty treats:

Think these bananas are destined for the trash? Not in TSB's kitchen!

Think these bananas are destined for the trash? Not in TSB’s kitchen!

Tip #1: Use them in smoothies! This is the easiest way to use  overripe bananas. Slice them into bite-size pieces, place them in a freezer baggie, and pop them into the freezer. Make sure to leave a little bit of room between the slices so they don’t freeze into one giant mass. When I want to make a smoothie I just take as many slices as I need and put them into the blender. The frozen bananas help add a creamy texture. My favorite smoothie to make: Peanut Butter, Banana, & Chocolate. Yum!

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Slicing bananas makes them easier to pop into smoothies!

Tip #2Make banana bread! This is how I am planning to use my overripe bananas this week. I already have all the ingredients on hand which is an added bonus. The overripe bananas keep the bread moist and sweet!

Tip #3: Bake a sweet snack! I make Banana Chocolate Chip muffins every Valentine’s Day for my husband. They became a tradition our first Valentine’s as an “official couple” because we had only been dating a few months and I couldn’t think of what to get him. These muffins are good for breakfast, as a snack, or even dessert!

Tip #4 : Freeze’um whole! Can’t decide what to do with them? Just put the overripe bananas in the freezer in a zipper-lock freezer bag (peel on) until you know what to do with them. Take the bananas out and let them thaw when you are ready to use them.

 Now, I am not saying you should eat past-it’s-prime meat or other foods that could make you sick. As always, you are the judge of what you eat and what you don’t. I just hope this makes you think twice about throwing away food!

Wasting Less & Eating More,

The Southern Bee