About Me

Samantha BowenI am so excited to start this blog! My sweet husband helped me set it up (well he did most of the setting up). If you are wondering about the name, my husband gets most of the credit for that too. When we began dating he called me Bee—mostly because my car looks like a bumble bee and the other part because I’m always buzzing around (and also because when I married him I became Mrs. B).

As for the southern part, I was born in a small town in South Carolina, went to the University of South Carolina, and now live in the “other” Carolina (no offense). So, I felt I should pay tribute to my southern roots. I want this blog to capture the joy I find in making food. So, you can expect a table’s worth of pictures, because I love to cook! I like meal planning, shopping for the food (on sale of course), cooking it, eating it, and most of all sharing a meal with others.

There is so much joy in sharing something I’ve made. My meals aren’t perfect by any means, but I learn from the mistakes I make. Oh, and one more thing to know about me. I enjoy writing—so I’m hoping these two ingredients make one excellent blog!